Calling all servants of God!

God is calling all pastors, preachers, priest, and bishops to service! Church and ministry leadership is needed for Christ! 

    Greetings from Pastor David in Kenya, East Africa!


The work of God is going on well and we are requesting you and your friends to pray with us so that the following programs can be achieved. These includes:

  • Orphans & Vulnerable Children Program (OVC) – Over 500 children needs support so that they can have basic needs of life.

  • Empowering women – Women are the corner stone of the family structure so we have initiated Agribusiness activities at household level. This is seen to guarantee sustainable food security. 

  • Servants of God ( Pastors & Preachers) – We believe that with an empowered Ministry leadership many souls will be brought to Christ. So we seek for support that will make the leaders hold regular crusades, seminars and other related training.

  • Water and Sanitation – Water is life so the need to conserve this precious commodity is vital. It’s in this context that  we seek for support to bring water nearer to the households.

  • Church Planting – With the growing population there is great need for more churches to be planted allover Kenya.

Please share this with your friends. We pray for your continued support! May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you! Amen! 

Pass alone our humble greetings from Kenya!


      Yours Faithfully Pastor David!

P.O. Box 33
Kamuriai Malabla
Kenya East Africa
+254734 668696 or 254712 112918

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