From prisoner to preacher!

I was in sentence to prison with the death penalty, but God had mercy on me. God delivered me from death! I called out to God and the Lord deliver me while waiting to be executed. God freed me and called me into ministry!

 Praise the Lord!

My name is Pastor Peter Momanyi, I am from Kisii, Kenya (West Africa). Please allow me to share a quick testimony with you. I was convicted and sentence to death and imprisoned not long ago. I was a dangerous robber, but glory to God, I am now a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The government was going to hang me and I was without hope! But one day, the Lord came to me and ministered to me while I lay waiting to die. God spoke to me and told me that He wanted me to start preaching the Gospel in prison.

Since 1995, I have opened 11 churches in different areas in Kenya. I  spend almost the whole day going into prison here and telling the captives about the Lord.

I would like to ask for your assistance. We are in dire need of Bibles and clothing to pass out to the poor and needy souls who have nothing here. I ask you with all my heart to please support our ministry so that we are able to provide necessary items to those in desperate need here. I also ask that you consider visiting us and see for yourself the work we are doing here for the Lord. We will be happy you came!
May God bless you! Thank you for your time and concern. We are looking forward in hearing from you soon!

Pastor Peter Momani (Prison to Preacher)
Jesus Celebration Centre [JCC]- Kericho,
+254 723 226396

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