Grace Tabernacle India

Orphanage in India needs donations to buy food and clothes for orphans. Grace Tabernacle Church in Hyderadad, India needs  helps with orphans who are suffering and dying from cancer and AIDS. 

Pastor Oradi Ednezer

Praise the lord!

Greetings to you in Jesus' name!
My name is Pastor Oradi Ebnezer. I  live in Hyderabad, India. I would like to share a quick message with you about our church, Grace Tabernacle and ask you for your prayers and friendship!

We are looking for someone to stand with us here. We are in desperate need of your support in helping  homeless children as well as spreading the Gospel in rural and tribal areas of India.
My wife and I are doing part time work feeding and caring for little children, but we cannot do this great work alone. 

We have no money or income to buy necessary food and clothing for the poor orphans.  They beg for food and have no fresh water to drink, nor do they have anywhere to sleep!Many orphans  suffer and die from cancer and AIDS because there is no medical or health care system available here. It's very discouraging to say the least. We can work together to expand the kingdom of God to reach people in rural and tribal areas of India.

"This three little children are hungry for food they are search for food 

on Dump Garbage place when i saw those little children.  I cried"

We have a home for orphans that holds 25 children, but we do not have enough food, clothes, and enough money money to care for all their needs. I pray for your help! Please 
remember us in your daily and fasting prayers about us here in India!

Please lets come together and build a great team to fight against this great evil that Satan has cast over our land.

Thank you!

Pastor Oradi

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