May you shine like the Sun!

May God bless your life! May tomorrow be brighter then yesterday! May success wealth and health over take you! Though the rain may fall, its only falling to wash your problems away! May God's blessings fall upon you!

Collins Ehis

May You Shine Like the Sun!

May your tomorrow be brighter then your yesterday! 
Just like the sun of a new day!

May you get success wealth and health,
and may your life shine like the stars and moon.
You will  have a great day and blessed night!

In the morning, when you see the sun shining
your hopes and dreams shall come true!
When the moon shines in the dark 
so shall you receive blessings,
 but if rain fall, it is only falling 
it carry all your problem away!

Poem by: Collins Ehis

Collins is a professional model who lives in Nigeria. Send him an encouraging email

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