Family of Orphans

Orphans in Uganda needs food and clothing!  Orphanage in  Uganda needs donations. Give a donation to help poor children in Africa!

Family of Orphans

"There is life hereafter"(believe it or not) What do you make out of your precious life? It is fragile and a vapor that appears a while and vanishes

My dear brethren, please help support and feed the poor orphans in our orphanage. They have no help and totally no food. They go to bed hungry each night and wake up hungry "They wonder how will we eat today?" 

Please come and help us run the orphanage. Please come and help the children!  I have no where to send them. They are orphans who have got no home apart from this shack.

I operate with minimal funding and with a great deal of volunteer support. Community-based groups are cannot response to the needs of these orphans. Very few funds are reaching this grassroots level.

We invite you to join us in filling this funding gap, and to become part of a growing network of supporters. Thank you for your donation for the need of orphans. Some of the children were made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

Please send clothes, school items, food or whatever to the children. God will honor your giving!

P.O.BOX 456
Tel : +256778353831

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