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Did you know there is a great Glorious Church in Heaven and earth? Glorious Church in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa invites you to worship with us! Donations to Glorious Church helps us do God's work here in Nairobi, Kenya.

Lets network for the honor and glory of the Lord!

Hello my name is Pastor Festus,  I am from Nairobi Kenya. I would like to share a short word with you about our church here.

I am an evangelist here. I travel throughout villages here preaching the Gospel to the natives who never heard of Jesus. I also go out and minister to the poor and needy telling them about the Lord. We try to supply them with food and clothing when there is supplies, but there has not been anyone willing to send help.

I am very discouraged about the lack of support we receive, but I am confident that Lord will send us help to carry out this great work. I would like to ask you to please pray for us and ask you to please consider joining our efforts in making a difference to a needy child here. Please make a small donation to help us buy supplies here. Your gift will be a great blessing to a needy child.

 These are new converts from Maasai Tribe
 Tanzania, East Africa

 May God Bless you!
Please call me!

Pastor Fetus
+254 721 757646

Contact me on Facebook by clicking here

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