God gave me a vision about Europe

God gave me a great vision about Europe. The vision was concerning the end times. God told me to start preaching in Italy!

        Apostle Israel O. Anthony

Hello There, my name is Apostle Israel. I am senior pastor at Redemption Place Ministries Int'l in Benin City, Nigeria. Please allow me to share a great vision the Lord gave me one night  in the year 2008. I was in a night vision when the Lord opened my eyes and I saw the world descending from heaven and revolving at the same time. Then it got to a certain level and it was suspended in midair. The continent of Europe was in focus to me.  Thereafter, I saw dew descending from heaven and then encircled Italy.
The next thing that happened was a voice saying to me! "Son, I have a called you into a new phase of work, and have given you all of Europe, but Italy shall be your starting point!" 
The Lord also show me another vision few days after this one concerning the city of Minsk (the capital of Belarus). So after praying about this vision for several days, I immediately went and procured my international passport. But something happened after the procurement of my passport; the initial zeal I had concerning my preparation disappeared! I decided not to pursue the vision any longer, but I believe this was for a purpose best known to God because I believe the fullness of time for the manifestation of the vision was not yet time as there were going to be the time for preparations.

"For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry."  Hab 2:3

In the mid  2012, the Lord came to me saying, "My son it is time to prepare for the vision which I gave you four years ago, arise and go!"

Thank you for allowing me to share this great vision that God put on my heart to do. Please pray for me as I take on the great challenges I am looking to face while I pursue God's calling.

God bless you in Jesus name
Apostle Israel O. Anthony

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