Hope for Needy in Uganda

Hope for the Needy Program in Uganda assists needy children, disabled, elderly, and orphans. Our mission to is provide care to the poor and needy in all parts of Uganda. Our goal is to eliminate poverty and educate poor and needy citizens.

Hello my name is Pastor Uwineza Mark, I am founder of  Hope for the Needy Program in Uganda. This is a non-governmental organization that was established in 2008 after observation of  the poor and needy people in Uganda. This  includes children, youth , disabled, elderly, and orphans. Many are  abandoned and suffering from  HIV/AIDS. We are at war here fighting against this great evil. From our neighboring countries of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo to Uganda we are fighting poverty and disease related cases.

Hope for the Needy Program thought of mobilizing them together for the purpose of equipping them with innovative skills to enable them attain bright future through establishment of training Institutions such as primary, secondary schools, and vocational/technical institutions while advocating for their rights. Social-psychological support was also extended to the disabled and elderly.

Considering that some needy and marginalized groups are neglected by their parents and some of them end up on streets and end up becoming sex workers, carrying out theft, doing petty business like selling polythene bags and empty plastic bottles, doing child labor and begging among others, Hope for the Needy Program was design to become an all-inclusive organization that would improve the livelihood of the vulnerable and needy people and assist them in becoming self reliant people.

We are reaching out for outside help with this great project. We lack funds to care for all the needy and deprived here. We are seeking donors, supporters and volunteers to assist us in carry out this great work. We ask you to please join us here. We need you! You can sponsor a child or make a direct donation. Your help is very important to the well-being of suffering people. 

Please find it it your heart to write to us or call us about this life changing matter. May God bless you for caring about the less fortunate! Looking forward in hearing from you soon!

God bless you!
Pastor Uwineza Mark

Uwineza Mark 
P.0.Box 182
South Western, Kisoro,Uganda
Plot 52 Chuho Road Kisoro Town Council
Tel:+256 772 192 550

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