International Loyal Foundation needs you!

Volunteer your medical skills as a medical assistant in Uganda. We are seeking medical professionals who will volunteer on medical mission work in Uganda. Our medical mission outreach program needs support and donations.

Hello my name is Mike Bogere, I am a medical assistant at International Loyal Foundation in Uganda (read Founder's Message). Please allow me to share a little about myself. 
For the past five years, I have been treating the needy and the poor here in Kampala, Uganda. Our medical team goes out and treat abandoned women and children. We do outreach in the communities here, and we try to extend services to all those who can not reach our health unit. We encourage abandoned women and teach them life skills so that it may help them move out of poverty. We teach them to make African crafts and farming. We teach them to  grow of crops as a way  to fight poverty. I also preach and encourage people to love God and praise Him all the time.

We are in desperate need of assistance here with this great work. We are trying to reach out to you so that we can work together here for the sake of mercy! I pray that you will call us or email us about coming and joining our team here. Donations are very much appreciated. 

 May God bless you!

Mike Bogere

Mr. Bogere Micheal
Tel: +256 701 899418

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