Pray with us on Christmas Morning!

World Wide Prayer Revival on Christmas Day! The Christmas prayer will be held for the homeless, sick, and suffering around the world. This great prayer will also be for the poor and needy in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Middle East.

On Christmas Day, you are invited to participate in this once in a life time event. We will be calling on the Lord asking Him to forgive us our sins and asking Him to forgive those who have sinned, but have not recognized their transgression against God.

God is calling for the world to repent! We are calling a world wide revival! Regardless of the country or time zone you live in you can participate because the prayer will be held right where the Lord dwells--in your heart! You can hold this prayer alone or with a loved one at 12:00 AM Christmas morning.

We are looking for God's word to come to pass through this great historic event. This will be the first time ever that men and women will be praying at the same time to God! “If My people who are called by my name will humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways,...” He would hear from heaven and heal our land. See II Chronicles 7:14

We will be asking God to heal this land from Africa to Asia and from the Middle East to America. We will be asking God to send help to the poor and needy around the world who do not have food to eat or clothes to wear. We will be asking for God's great mercy on the great suffering of His people throughout the world.

On Christmas day, we are looking forward in you joining this great prayer to God. 

On Christmas morning at 12:00 AM God be looking to hear your prayer!

Tim Gillam

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Where is our Church?

There is reverence at the alter of the Lord
and the servants of the Lord.
Lord, I repent,
I repent!
Forgive me O Lord!
Forgive my Land!
Hold me my Lord forgive us!
Jesus have mercy
Holy Spirit of the Lord!
We have done abominable sins against You
Lord we have sinned against You
Lord only You can heal us!

Prayer by: Nemrod Racheal 

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God is calling on the world to repent!

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