What is your greatest fear?

What is your greatest fear? What do you really fear most in life? Do you fear a not having money, family, wife or children? Well, I would like to offer you some encouragement-- Do not fear! Have faith in God! 

It Starts with Fear!

It appears and vanishes then it haunts.
A hint that something’s wrong to taunt.
Sometimes it’s inside you in the day light.
At times, it taunts you in the quiet of night.
Your heart can be full of dreadful thoughts.
Only God knows the emotions to be fought.
It might be helpful but it is not always this way.
Are you able to handle for it can lead one astray?
What am I thinking about it’s a four letter word?
Have you guessed it yet I’m sure you have heard?

Sent by Satan to hinder or make one fail.
Jesus gave His life to pay your bail.
He’s looking on the inside not the outside.
Sees your fear and wants to cast it aside.
Yes, fear is that little four-letter term.
An illness that captures the mind like a germ,
Find time to seek God for He is full of hope.
There’s no answer on earth that will help you cope.
Do you know that the world does not have a solution?
Why they don’t even have the answer to evolution.

Read the “Word of God,” it’s not just an old book.
If you take, time to go through and look
In its pages, you will find David, a shepherd boy,
Casts aside his fear for God’s power and joy?
Sought to free the Israelites from the giant,
Nobody to his brothers thought in compliant 
 Seek God in prayer for He knows what you need,
Your life is what he wants to find others and lead.
Them unto Him, so that He can reach others
To be his hands, his feet, to reach one another!

By: Ms. Deborah Ann Russell

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