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My name is Pastor Dickson Batwala Katabalwa, I am founder/director of Africa Children and Widows Restoration of Hope. We are a Christian ministry that tries to restore hope in the poor and needy throughout Uganda.


I am Pastor Dickson, I have a small church in Jinja, East Uganda. I also run an orphanage here. The children are in great need of basic necessities like food and clothing.  We are seeking visitors, learning materials for children and Bibles.  We are very grateful for any donations, volunteers, and supporters. We ask you  to help us with ministry here.  You can send cash donations through Western Union and Money Gram.

Pastor Dickson Batwala Katabalwa
A.K.A Kibuma Holiness
P.O. Box 33 Jina
Jinja, Uganda
256-776 422279
256- 779 204391

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