Messiahs Music Group in Uganda

 My name is Kiwanuka Joseph, I am director at a non-profit organization in Uganda. Joseannex Messiahs Music Group is located in Kampala Uganda.  We teach music and help poor children in all aspects of their lives.


I work with children and the elderly people in the town of Makenke, Uganda.  I work directly with poor children in many orphanages here. I teach kids how to use the keyboard and train them to read music. I have found out that there are many children here that have great talent, but there’s no one to care or develop them.
I fight for the orphans and try to find ways to eradicate poverty.  Through hard work and talent development, I believe these children will change their bad living conditions, but sadly many of the children’s talents  are  buried in the ground because no one supports them. We also address the problem of HIV/AIDS, drug addiction, prostitution, child abuse,  and  domestic violence.

We strongly believe involving the children in praise and worship. We would like to ask you to please help us buy learning material and  new musical instruments for the children.  Please donate  an instrument or buy one for us,  or send us your support through Western Union. You are welcome to come visit us or contact us about adopting a orphan here

Our Mission
Our mission is to help poor children who are not able to attend school due to lack of money to pay tuition and buy supplies. Our mission is to go out into the villages here and try to help poor children with food and clothing. Our mission is to provide ways for children to become self sufficient. Our mission is to teach them to make crafts, play music, and show them techniques in farming.

We Need Your Support!
We need musical instruments, Bibles, used clothing and financial assistance to help us do this great work here. We are in great need of money to help us purchase food for orphans here. Thank you very much for your time and compassion for us!

Kiwanuka Joseph
+256 774 191983
P.O.  Box 4247

Kampala, Uganda 256

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