Art for Food Program in Uganda

Buy a hand crafted African custom made craft to support our feeding program for orphans in Uganda.  This is 100% African made jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, and ear rings. 100% of proceeds go to buying food and clothing for children in our orphanage.
About Us!
We are the Ibrahim Family. We are seeking sponsors for the children. If you would like to help ensure the welfare and education of a beautiful boy or girl, a small donation of $20 a month will provide school supplies, clothing, and food. You will change the life of a child and provide them with an opportunity to meet their full potential.
If you are unable to help by sponsoring or donating than please help by sharing this message. Help us raise awareness about our ministry. This is a wonderful and worthy cause. Your prayers and any help would be greatly appreciated.
About our Ministry
We live in Uganda we have survived and endured much. We believe in the power of prayer. We are creating our dreams. We have many limits,
but we believe we our part in the world and provide our services. We are not only studying, we are also learning different skills to build our own unique talents as individuals and as a team.
We are interested in sciences, mathematics, English, social studies, technology, medicine, environmentalism , solar power, carpentry, knitting, fashion arts &design, film, audio, engineering, jewelry making, languages, a advertising,  public relations, worldwide issues, architecture, agriculture, emotions, intelligent and competence.

Please Join Us!
We would love to network with other men and women worldwide. Please contact us if you would like to join us in ministry or make a donation
P.0. BOX 29914
Kampala Uganda

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