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This is a pastor testimony from Uganda. His name is Pastor Ibrahim Lubega. He grew up in a very remote village called Kibuto, the poorest villages in  the Republic of Uganda. This is one of the greatest testimonies I have ever heard. I pray his testimony touches your heart. I pray you will be moved to send donations to help the poor children currently in his care.

My name is Ibrahim Lubega. I was born on January 1st, 1979 in a very remote village called Kibuto, one of the poorest villages in the Mubende district of the Republic of Uganda (East Africa). My father was of Rwandese origin, and my mother was a Mukonjo (a Ugandan tribe).
I was the first born to my parents, and I am one of four children ~ they had two boys and two girls. We also had an older step brother ~ my father‘s son from a previous relationship. Our family was extremely poor. Our home was a very small hut, with no bedroom, and a family of 7 living inside.
In 1984 a measles epidemic hit our village, and we were attacked by this very serious disease. Tragically ~ my little sister and brother died from the illness. During that same week that my siblings passed, I was in a coma and came close to death. Thankfully ~ I survived ~ and continued to thrive. It was an emotional time for my family.
In 1985 my elder brother ~ who was very fond of taking drugs and alcohol ~ got into a conflict with my father and began to fight with him. In his rage, he cut my father to pieces and killed him. This was absolutely horrifying. It brought great fear and sorrow to me, my sister, and my mother.
From that point on, it was just the three of us. My mother was unable to meet our needs because there was no way for her to get any money. So, at the tender age of 6 years old, I started to look for small odd jobs to get food, and also meet our other basic needs. Back then, it was extremely hard for us to get food. In my heart, I felt like an orphan. Basically I was dependent on myself.
At the age of ten, I started my first class at school. I would go to school in the morning, and in the evening, I would look for work to do in order to earn some money ~ so that I could afford to continue going to school. I wanted to learn. I did the best I could, and kept hope for the future.
In 2005, my life was truly blessed by love and happiness. I met and married my beautiful wife Beatrice. We started a family, and now have four lovely children of our own. The oldest is Ester Mukisa, she is six years old. Our second born is Judith Favor, she is four. Jotham Mwesigwa is a two year old boy, and lastly is Enoch Kwagala a one year old boy. We are very blessed.
In 2007, my wife and I were moved with compassion for the many parentless children, and we started Kasaala Christian Community Development Organization (KCCDO) to address the orphan crisis in our Country. You see ~ Uganda has endured the scourge of civil war, and suffered with the AIDS epidemic. Approximately 2 million in Uganda have been orphaned by these calamities. Sadly, there are about 880,000 children living here as orphans as a result of AIDS alone.
Then in 2011, our dream finally came true! We started by adopting 5 children in our home. The number has been steadily increasing since then. Today ~ we have adopted 55 wonderful children. They range in age from 3 years old to 13 years old. All together ~ we have 59 children in our family home. They are very diverse, intelligent, innocent, and kind. Beatrice and I love them all tremendously.
Even though it is difficult to provide for all the children at times, we are up for the challenge. We are committed to our family and everyone in it. Our love for them ~ is limitless.
Achievements thus far:
1. We have rented a home to house all 55 children.
2. We created a school, with a nursery section, and a primary section. It is our goal to provide the best education for them, so that they can achieve their dreams, and have a bright future.
3. We recently purchased a plot of land, 50 feet by 100 feet, where we will build the children’s home. We are so grateful to finally have our own land.
Hopes and dreams:
It is our goal for Kasaala community project to buy 10 acres of land to plant food and farm. On that land, we also hope to build the following:
1. A village home where we can all live comfortably together.
2. A primary school.
3. A secondary school.
4. A vocational institute for children to learn skills.
5. A community health clinic.
6. Staff quarters for the teachers and nurses.
*Thank you so much* for taking the time to learn about who we are, and reading the story of how we came to be the founders of KCCDO, and the parents of a very large and loving family. Together ~ with a little help from our friends ~ we can provide a life full of hope and possibilities for all the children we’ve adopted.
With your compassionate action ~ the future is bright for the orphans in Uganda. You have our sincere gratitude.
With love and appreciation,
Ibrahim and Beatrice
Kampala Uganda

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