To all pastors, preachers, apostles, bishops, deacons, church leaders, etc.. I have an urgent message for you from God--REPENT! 

God is not happy about the way His church is being operated like a big business especially here in the USA. For many years people have been preached to and lied to about God. God is not man that He should lie. God never intended for people to come to a big church building to pay tithes. God meant for people to give to a man of God so that he is able to carry on his work for Him. However, a long the course of time, pastors and preachers have took it upon themselves to use God's name as a big business preying on God's sheep who are being lead astray! I do not remember Jesus taking money from people to live a lavish life when he walked the earth. I do not remember Jesus only preaching a good message on Sunday and did not try to do anything to help those in need! please read the Bible and let me know if I am wrong. To all the Christians, Muslims, Catholics, Buddhist, and Jews, God is calling you to repent! Your money and false doctrine will not save you from God's wrath!

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God is calling on the world to repent!

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