International Seed Ministry

International Seed Benefaction Ministry is a sustainable seed project established in 2011. We are a nonprofit ministry who provides seeds to grow vegetables.


We send out open-pollinated heirloom seeds to help Christian ministries and churches in impoverished villages in India, Uganda, Kenya, and other small rural countries.

These seeds are grown in organic gardens without the use of pesticides and herbicides. It is our hope that those who receive the seeds will produce food in their own gardens and small farms with the same methods of using nature to develop an ecosystem that will benefit the garden without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

One of our main goal is to grow food to feed many. Our goal is that  those in hunger today will benefit immediate from our seed ministry. Our main goals are to send the seed one time so that the recipients produce food and an ongoing supply of seeds throughout the lifetime of the gardens they care for. Not only are we working on sustainability but also a chance to share from our abundance with others.

Building a personal seed bank is the long-term sustainable goal. We hope that our recipients will work in the fashion of doing a 4-part system. First part of farming system is sowing and harvesting for food. Second is for selecting the best plants, which are disease resistant for ultimate viability for the following seasons, increasing amounts for seeds after each season of food. Thirdly, each ministry or church has financial needs and we feel that some of the foods can help in raising money for those ministries as they learn to become self-sustainable. The fourth part of the system is to use the last quarter of food to share in the community of the area of ministry in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We ask that those who receive seeds be a church or a ministry, and not individuals.

Our primary focus is on Christians in regions of heavy persecutions that have limited resources and desire to be self-reliant. International Seed Benefaction sends out seeds based on incoming donations. Each ministry receives approximately 12 ounces of different vegetable and melons fruit seeds. All our seeds are NON-GMO. They are Heirloom open-pollinated seeds from many parts of the world.

We welcome donations of any amount. We ask you to help us make a difference in the life of someone needing food to eat in Uganda or India today!

 Ms. Sheila Seniff
10330 Preston Lane #45
 Jamestown, CA. 95327


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