We are fighting for African chilren and widows in Uganda

African Children and Widows Restoration of Hope Ministry in Uganda is a non profit organization whose mission is to eradicate hunger and provide medical care for people suffering with HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

Our aim is to reach HIV/AIDS afflicted people in both rural and urban communities through various means especially the teaching of the love and the virtue of Jesus Christ.
We developed a community based Initiative that started way back in 2011.  Our initiative was/is to help the socially and economically disadvantaged in eastern Uganda.
We are located in Kibibi Bwase village Budondo sub county Jinja district which lies 80kms west of Kampala City, Uganda’s capital. Uganda as a developing country is among other problems, afflicted by civil wars, hunger, economic stagnation, extreme poverty, low literacy levels, and the AIDS pandemic that continues its deadly foray into every village.
We are seeking Christian volunteers to help us so that we can provide services here to help people better. We are seeking financial support, educational materials, and medical supplies.
We are seeking ways to rise above poverty levels, and create ways to generate income to buy necessities for daily living.
We are asking anyone with a compassionate heart to reach out and help us with orphans and widows in Africa. We are asking you to take an interest in helping build the kingdom of God here in Africa. We are praying you will consider joining our efforts.
We invite: Construction workers, Doctors, dentist, painters, administrators, managers, and  evangelist to give your time and skills in helping us.
HIV/AIDS provides an opportunity for the Christian church and community to share the love of Christ with those who are suffering from the disease. Your gifts will support programs that provide care to people with AIDS and their families, including home-based care and hospice programs. A $50 gift per month can provide the resources, including food, medication, or hygiene items, to care for one family with home-based assistance.
HIV/AIDS Medical Programs
With 32 million men, women, and children infected with HIV/AIDS, the medical needs facing mission hospitals and other medical facilities are enormous. Your gifts will assist programs that provide medical care, including medications and counseling to prevent mother-to-child transmission, for those infected with HIV. A gift of $25 can supply medication and post-natal counseling to prevent one HIV-infected mother from passing the virus on to her child.
There are many ways that you can support the needs of children affected by HIV/AIDS in Uganda. Raise awareness in your community – Give a presentation to your child’s class or school, a civic group, or your faith-based community. Contact us for outreach materials.

ACAWROH Uganda is a pro-life giving ministry whose mission and mandate is to uphold the sanctity of human life and endeavoring to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs to the HIV/AIDS orphans and widows facing welfare problems.

To ensure the well-being of orphans and widows facing welfare problems. Our aim is to reach all  HIV/AIDS afflicted people in both rural and urban communities through various means.

Please help us Provide formal education for orphans and health care for people with HIV/AIDS. Please help us provide care for people living with AIDS. Help us provide spiritual care and support today!

Show your support for African children and Widows Restoration of Hope organization by giving your time, talents, or expertise. If you are interested in volunteering at ACAWROH, please contact our office for more information. Invite your friends and family to your home and educate them about the challenges of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

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Contact us:
Sister Veronica Isabella
+256 703 776137

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