Call him Mr. Lucifer?

Satan is extremely upset about his real correct name not being used to address him. What is Satan real name? Satan wants to be called by the name God gave him  just like anyone one else would want to be called by the proper name their mother and father gave them according to Ms. Lola Fyer.

I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Lola Fyer at Fort Street Church in downtown Detroit. I really appreciate meeting this godly lady. Ms. Fyer was very interested in the ministry I'm doing in selling faith greating poems to reaise money to help ophans in Uganda.  But that is not why I enjoyed meeting her or talking to her. 

What intrigued me about meeitng her is her perpective about Satan or Mr. Lucifer. She told me something that I have never heard anyone tell me about Satan. She said that he is very angry about people disrespecting him. She informed me that people are calling not calling him by his real name which Lucifer.

She said Lucifer is attacking people for many reasons, but the biggest reason he is on rampage is because people are calling him out of his proper name. Ms. Fyer said she has the utmost respect for satan because God created him as an angel and did not destroy him. She refers to him as Mr Lucifer. She declares that Mr Lucifer is happy to hear his real name. But if Jesus referred to Mr. Lucifer as Satan why can I?

"Get thee behind me, Satan: for thou savourest not the things that

be of God, but the things that be of men".
Mark 8:33 KJV

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Bro Tim Gillam

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