God Please Give me the Right Words to Say!

The internet is powered by “keywords”.  What is a keyword? A keyword is just a short phase of words to use when searching Google and other website for the information you seek. I have learned a lot about how to find different things on the internet using search engines like Yahoo and Google. 

I know how to use the right words to get the results I am searching for. But unfortunately, I have not been able to use the right words to open people’s hearts to give, support, and donate to a worthy cause such as helping feed an orphan. I have not even found the right words to find someone to have compassion on me by purchasing a greeting card! I pray that God sends me the right words (keywords)  to say in order for someone to help me bear my struggle. 

 Please look and see the video on this blog at the top "Save a Life in Uganda" then I ask you to open your heart and support this great work for God today!

Tim Gillam


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    1. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers Tahamina


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