The Face of Christianity

Have you heard the latest news about God's new representative? Yes, media has appointed Joel Otsteen as the new person to represent God to the world!

Yes, they have said Joel Osteen is now the face of Christianity. But how can this man be my representive? I did not elect him. As far as I'm concerned, he is a false prophet. He is the peace and prosperity preacher in which the world loves to hear. 

But God is breaking this false church down. Someone took over $600,000 from his mega Church. What's so amazing about this is how people flock to hear the sweet things he says on stage and pour in millions of dollars. On the other hand, no one will come give a dime to feed a hungry child.
$600,000 could have fed orphans in Uganda, Kenya, India and Pakistan for five years!  Jesus represented the poor and needy this man represents the rich and famous. Is this the man you want representing you? Have you choosen this man to be be the face of God's people like media made him to be? I pray you have not!

Please support the poor and needy with a small donation today!

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