The Forgotten Great Ministries!

This is a listing of some great small ministries around the world in which you will not hear about on TV or radio. This is a short directory for ministries around the world: Africa: Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and more! God has servants working for Him in India, Middle East, Europe.
But God has a special place in His heart for these great men and women because they have carried a great burden trying to help others in need for this reason,  I am asking God to please send a special blessing on them. 

“God I pray a special blessing over these hard working men and women you have called them to do there for Your glory. I ask You Lord to please send donors and supporters who will assist and help them. We have many needs Lord, but the greatest need is You! Please Lord, I beg and plead with You to send blessings upon these great men and women. In Jesus Christ I pray Amen
God's Forgotten Ministries

Apostle Benson Musyimi
P.O BOX 70405-00400
Nairobi, Kenya
Bishop James Buyzina
+256782031016 or
Gulume Road - Bugembe
Jinja, Eastern, 256
Pastor Okpe Temple
234 803 3376080
Plot cd 79 church road suleja,
Niger state
Willand plaza plot 511
Harbert Marculley way wuse zone 4 Abuja
Doreen Kyalisiia
Family of Orphans
P.O. Box 456
Hoima, Uganda
+256 778 353831
Mr. George Otieno Sera
Alliance Vision Educational Center
P.O. Box 366-00516
Nairobi-Dandora, Kenya
+254 720 621 521
Pastor Festus M. Muasa
Glorious Church
P.O. Box 77349
Nairobi, Kenya 00611
+254 721 757646
Joseph Donkor
+233 277 776771
Pastor Oradi Ebnezer
Grace Tablernacle
H.NO. 20-677/49
New Vivekanada Nagar, Allapur
P.O. Sanath Nagar
Hderabad, Andhia
Pradesh India
Code 500018
Phone: 91-996-67783

Dr. Jorge O. Masa Chrisatian School, Inc.
Dalapitan, Matalam,
9406 Cotabato Philippines
Mobile Number+63298233146
Kiwanuka Joseph
+256 774 191983
P.O. Box 4247
Kampala, Uganda 256
Rev. Robert and Irene Bushebi
GBF Ministries Administrator.
P.O. Box 766
Bungoma - 50200 Kenya,
East Africa
Pastor Hassan Mubiru
Open Heart Orphanage Ministry
Plot 75 Mityana Kampala Road
P. O. Box 117 Mityana,
Uganda-East Africa
: +256712338731
Pastor Daniel Atwijukire
P.O. Box 70284
Clock tower
Kampala, Uganda
East Africa, 256
+256 755 469 638 /775 469 638
Pastor David Otieno
P.O. Box 50408
Kamuriai Malaba, Kenya
East Africa
+2547344 668696
+254712 112918
Pastor Dickson Batwala Katabalwa
A.K.A Kibuma Holiness
P.O. Box 33 Jina
Jinja, Uganda
256-776 422279
Pastor Elijah Thyaka
+254 723 724 828
Redeemed Gospel church
C/O box 235-90131
Tala, Kenya
Pastor Bestman C. Emmanuel
phone: 00 225 52 38 25
Pastor Hareth B Mallipudi
Agape Children Home,
270, A P H B Colony, Tanuku – 534 211,
A. P, India
Pastor Isaac Ondiiti Nyandieka
Fig Church Ministries
P.O. Box 61 Ogembo
204 Kisii Kenya
+254 711 806312

Pastor Johnson Chowdary
Church on the Rock Assembly India
The Holy God Ministries –
Tel: 0091 9949046885
Pastor Joseph Thiuru
Evangelism to all Mankind
P.O. Box 2245
Meru, Kenya
Mako Ragira Douglas
Ritare Christian Orphanage Center
P.O Box 40204-157
Ogembo, Kenya
Pastor Uwineza Mark
Hope For the Needy Program
P. O Box 182
Plot 52 Chuho
Kisoro, Uganda
+256 772 192550
Pastor Mike Igunza
P.O. Box 426 00202 KNH
Nairobi, Kenya
+254 721 404282
Pastor Nathan Ssenkoole
Christ Fire Ministries International
mobile phone: +256779603724
Pastor Nazareth Mfune
P.O. Box 1049m
+002 659 99770498 or +002 658 8497084
Pastor Peter Momani (Prison Preacher)
Jesus Celebration Centre (JCC) - Kericho,
P.O. Box 1880- 40200
Kisii, Kenya
+254 723 226396
Pastor Ramesh K. Ghodke
Independent Church Karmad
Karmad. Ta. District Aurangabad
Pin.431201.Maharashtra. India
Pastor Shakeel Amanat
 1/J House # 2/J Block.
J Christian Colony
Arif wala, Pakistan 57450

Pastor Ssendikwanawa Davis Dollar,
Kiwande village (Mulongoti Hill)
Mityana District,
P.O Box 1680
Kampala Uganda
East Africa
Pastor Talluri Suresh Paul
Church of Christ
Pathamaguluru Santha Maguluru
Prakasam District,
South India, AP.
Postal Code: 523302
+918 142 308820
Rev Ayub M Sagar
Christ's Mandate Ministries-Pakistan
P.O. Box 111,
Satellite Town Rawalpindi-Pakistan 46300
Cell: +92-321-5128726
Rev. John David Dimmili
House of Prayer Association
# 6-7-15, Nehru Nagar
Near the RTC Complex
TUNI 533401, East Godavari district
Andhra Pradesh, India.
Mobile No: +91 9866950510
Office No: 08854 290167
Rev Niser Aslam
Alpha International Ministries
P. O. Box – 663,
Faisalabad, Pakistan Tel: +92-345-7890213
Rev. Pastor Desamours Elma
Bethel Church of God, Inc.
Haiti and The Dominican Republic
tel: 1+809 758 0962 011+8097580962
Apostle Joseph K
P.O. Box 10-1046
1000 Monrovia, 10 Liberia
Monrovia, Liberia
Pastor Nyonato Yawovi
P.O. Box 79
Lome, 13 Togo
+22890319320 / +22899467150
Bishop MuhandoNoah Simiyu
P.O Box 24 KESOGON, 30215 KENYA
Mobile Phones
+254 710 385078
+254 701 754043
Andrew Mongare
Blessed Children's Hope Foundation.
P.o Box 797-40500 Nyamira Kenya.
Pastor Khwale Patrick Mukolwe
Touch ministries
Kakamega kenya
254 715 787682
Apostle Bwesigye John
Christian mission foundation p.o box 917
Entebbe Uganda.
Tel: +256-784070912
Tel: +256-752323115
WPC Pakistan (women's power circles)
Good Shepherd Orphanage
Pastor James Okenda
+254 725 874669
Center For Grace Ministry
P.o. box 305 40204
Ogembo Kenya
Rev Ayub M Sagar
Christ's Mandate Ministries-Pakistan
P.O. Box 111,
Satellite Town Rawalpindi-Pakistan 46300
Cell: +92-321-5128726
Pastor Shubharaj Praja
Freedom Nepal Ministry
Phone no 9779804286152
Pastor Ramah Rao
+91 94 41 077674
Ambedkar Nagar Village
Tsunduru Po,Mdl
A.P State
S. India
Pin 522318
Founder sister Asha Pcm Ashalatha
Peace Children Ministries
Phone: 00919849568431
Ambassador of women who pray.
India 7/274-34c,
Indira colony,
Sister Anteena Kanwal
Harvest Ministry Pakistan
Phone: +92 344 7699609
Sister Tabinda Ayub
Women's Power Circle
+92 42 4417198
House Street # 1 near Aim eye hospital and,
Methai wala chowk, Daud Nagar,
Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan
 Pastor Mangeni
Home Child Care Center
P.O BOX 1793
 Jinia Uganda
We work with orphans. Feeding, educating, shelter and basic needs.
Phone: 0774679138
 Pastor Peter
Grace Refuge Ministries
Phone +917416603840
 4-141/4, Bapulapadu, Krishna Dist,

If you have a ministry and have asked me to help you please make sure I have your contact information.

Bro Tim Gillam
Someone cares Ministry


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  2. Dear faith Partners,

    Greetings. May the God bless you all for his kingdom working, your all welcome to do Ministry in Pakistan @ CMC-Pakistan(R). Blessings.

    Your faith Partner

    Rev Ayub M Sagar.
    Visionary Foundr Chairman & Director
    Christ's Mandate Church Ministries-Pakistan(R).
    Mailing: P.O.Box 111, Satellite Town Rawalpindi-Pakistan:46300
    Cell Phone: +92-321-5128726


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