River of Life Africa

We are a small coalition of people bringing awareness about the suffering of children throughout Africa. We are seeking ways to provide food and basic living necessities to orphans in Uganda, Kenya, and parts of Africa! 


Hello! My name is Caroline Conley, I would like to share a short introduction about my ministry. I am a missionary who is trying to provide assistance to orphans in Uganda, Kenya, and parts of Africa. Many orphans are going without food to eat on a daily basis. Many do not have clothes to wear or fresh water to drink. I have been trying to send small donations to different orphanages in Uganda, but I can not do this alone! I need help! I am asking that you consider joining my efforts in making a difference in the life of an orphan by making any small donation. I very much appreciate if you would contact me for more information about this project. 
God bless you!

Sister Caroline Conley 

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