Would you help a vagaboond?

The definition of vagabond according to Wikipedia is me! I have no home, no job, no income, and I beg and ask people to have mercy on me!


According to Wikipedia,  I am a vagabond! According to Google imagine search a vagabond looks like someone laying helplessly in the streets at the mercy of the world. Now, I ask you to look at the above picture with the man laying there begging for mercy would you be willing to reach down and offer a helping hand? Do not be so fast to say YES because I am the person laying on the ground asking you for help today!

"A vagrant or a vagabond is a person, often in poverty, who wanders from place to place without a home or regular employment or income. Other synonyms include "tramp," "hobo," and "drifter". A vagrant could be described as being "a person without a settled home or regular work who wanders from place to place and lives by begging"; vagrancy is the condition of such persons.[1]

I, Tim Gillam declare, before you and God today April, 10, 2014, that I have nothing and by definition I am a vagabond. I ask you in the name of Jesus Christ to have mercy on me today! 
Please make a small donation to help me!

Bro Tim Gillam
Ecorse, MI USA

You can make a small donation of any amount even onedollar! It  will be a blessing and great help! 
Use my email address to send a small helping hand at http://paypal.com .  

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