Free Birthday Prayer!

You do not have to buy a birthday prayer because this prayer is free of charge! All is required to use this poem is a willingness to make a small donation to support buying food for orphans. May God bless you for caring about helping the children. 


 A Special Birthday Prayer

I said a little prayer for you
while sitting at my desk, 
I prayed that out of all your birthdays
this one would be the best...

 I asked the Lord to protect you 
and help you get through the day,
I asked Him to give you an angel
 to help you on your way...

I asked the Lord to make this day 
extra special for you,
He said that this is exactly 
what He already planned to do!

If you would like a special poem written for a loved-one, please send me an email or call me today!

Bro Tim Gillam

Thank you!

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