Pray for the Sick and Suffering

Please keep the sick and elderly in #prayer.  Please #pray for the sick and elderly who are in nursing homes and hospitals. Please pray that God heal them and comfort them. Unfortunately, many do not receive visits from family or friends they spend their last days on earth suffering without anyone there to say a kind word.

I have a friend name Richard Martin who is currently in a nursing home. Unfortunately, his immediate family has given up on him. No one comes to visit him. I try to go visit Richard in the nursing home and care about him on a weekly basis. I cut  his hair and have bought food so he can eat. He do not eat the food the facility serves to him because he says he does not like it. He is on a soft diet due to him not having teeth. It's very frustrating when he tells me he is not eating. I am the only one comes to see him. His family (sons and daughter) apparently gave up on him a long time ago. 
Richard has a very bad attitude and complains about things he should be grateful for.I am trying to be there for him in spite of his ungratefulness. No one cares if he lives or dies except me! I am sharing this with you because there are many seniors in the same situation as my friend Richard is. Lay will lay in the sick beds and die because many of them have given up on themselves and given up on anyone ever coming to care about them!
Go visit someone in the hospital or nursing home today for God! You can make a difference in their life!

Unfortunately, Richard passed away in 2014 without ever coming to see him
May God bless you!
Bro Tim Gillam 

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