Joshua's Hope Foundation

Joshua's Hope Foundation is a non profit organization in Kampala, Uganda. Organization NO: 9139 The ministry was founded by sister Eveline Nisley  in 2007.

Our mission is give hope to mothers who are struggling to provide for their children. When a mother's child become sick  we stand by their sides and fight for a good medical facility. We also help orphans get an education and a good home with love and a safe environment. We are fighting daily trying to help street children here in Uganda. However, we cam not fight alone! We need your prayers and support so that we can provide more services to the poor and needy families and children. Please join us today! 
Our Goal is to have a Soup Kitchen for our 1000 street children and there mothers but we need your help.

 For more information please contact sister Akello Eve about becoming apart of this great ministry.

Sister Akello Eve
Kampala, Uganda
+256 702076001

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