Save the Elderly and Children Uganda

We are a non profit organization in Uganda. We provide clothing, food, shelter to poor and needy children and elderly. We also teach the Gospel and promote Bible principals in Uganda, East Africa.

 God bless you!
I am Pastor Steve Lipsey Olweny, I am founder and president of Save the Elderly and Needy Children Uganda. We are a nonprofit organization designed to help venerable children up to the age of 18, and widows and the elderly people 65 years and older.  We began this work in September 2014, and we not quit until we successfully carry out our mission—help the poor and needy!

Save the Elderly and the Needy Children Uganda was founded to respond to some of the urgent community problems. This organization was set up to help provide assistance to the elderly and give hope to the hopeless orphans and the needy children.

Summary of our Work
Save the Elderly and the Needy Children Uganda was founded in February 2010. Our agency is implementing social programs that are not offered by the government. This project is especially designed to address the problems of needy children and the elderly in Gira village at Paidha Town. We make a strong emphasis on fighting health, basic personal needs and educational problems. We have AIDS victims and a high rate of jobless people in the community in which we are addressing. The major goal of this project is to help the social and economical disadvantaged children get an opportunity to educate themselves. We help the elderly who do not have the means to access transportation, and as a result they lack basic personal needs.

Establishing a home for the homeless, distressed, and HIV/AIDS orphans. We want to provide them with immediate assistance. We are trying to reach out to sponsors to help us provide services for orphans. We are looking to help orphans with healthcare and provide them with a loving environment to give the stability in their lives.

In Uganda, most of the needy children are as a result of AIDS/ HIV and poverty. Moreover, rampant poverty these orphans and the needy can’t care for themselves. Elderly above 65years are often left to care for them, these two are helpless. Non HIV/AIDS orphans and the needy are equally vulnerable children who need to be helped. These children are unable to meet their basic needs, food, shelter, medical care, sanitary towel for mature girls.

We Need Your Help!
We are seeking people to help us with small  donations so that we can pay poor and needy children tuition so that they are able to go to school. We are trying to find sponsors to help us buy food to feed them a balanced diet which will give them resistance to diseases. We are pleading with people like yourself to help us by sending used clothing and personal hygiene items for the orphans and elderly.

Please Join Us!
Please join our efforts here to try to make a difference in the lives of the poor and needy children and elderly. We are grateful for any small contribution. We would love to hear from please contact Pastor Steve for more details about Save the Elderly and Needy Children Uganda project at the information below. May God bless you!

Pastor Steve Lipsey Olweny  
P.0. Box 125
Paidha, Uganda

Save the Elderly and the Needy Children
“Servicing the poor and needy in Gira Village of Paidha town Council Zombo District Uganda, East Africa”

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