Peace Children Ministries

Peace Children Ministries is a nonprofit organization in Guntakai (South Central India). We are establishing the Gospel of Jesus Christ by distribution of Bibles throughout the poor slum villages and communities here in India.

Dear sisters and brothers,
My name is Sister Ashalatha, I am director of Peace Children Ministries (PCM) located in Guntakai (South Central India). Please allow me to share a little bit about what we do.

PCM distributes children bibles and set up bibles clubs. We promote God’s word and try to share the Gospel with poor children here because believe they are our future! We believe if we can raise a child knowing the Lord the child will not only be saved, but they can also make a difference in this dark world.

Our Vision
PCM vision is to reach kids everywhere. They as well as adults are in great need of the Gospel.
Our Vision is to establish the word of God in them and to lead or direct them to a bible believing church.

Our Mission
Our mission is to give one hour of children recreation and gospel programs after school program per day in slums and villages. Our mission is to institute gospel bible lessons, memory verses, gifts, and snacks into the lives of children.

The cost per child we incurred is Rs/-1000 = $20/month this includes traveling, stationary, and literature expenses.
We are seeking more sponsors to help us with donations so that we can supply and accommodate all the children’s needs.

We have an urgent need of sports items and used clothing which we don’t have money to pay for everyone. A person can sponsor a child for Rs/-2000 =$35 for one year.

We have been training people to help us carry out this great work in this project in 2014. The PCM project kindly needs your prays and support.

Sister Ashalatha
Ph. 9849568431
Indira colony

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