Thanks for the food Lord

Please #pray for food for the poor and needy. There will be many people enjoying great Thanksgiving Day feasts, but unfortunately, there also will be many not having nothing to eat. God knows that Thanksgiving is everyday and not just one day out of a year. Thanksgiving is not about having a big meal to eat it's about being thankful regardless of having a turkey dinner or not. Please enjoy the following poem:

Thanks for the food Lord

Lord, thank you for this great meal 
we are about to eat,
Thanksgiving is truly a special treat...
Thank you Lord for the blessings of 
our family and friends too,
Thanksgiving would not mean anything if
it wasn't for You…

“Indeed, this is the way I wanted it to be, 
My sheep at the table dining with Me. 
But To those who do not have a great Thanksgiving feast, 
And those who are without joy, happiness, and peace... 
Also to those who goes hungry day and night, 
I shall turn your hardships into great delight! 
Yes, I have prepared a special meal just for you, 
So invite all your family and friends too!”

Revelation 3:20

Bro Tim Gillam

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