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Grace Achiever Community Church in Kampala Uganda also has a non profit organization that provides love and care to orphans. We are a registered non profit ministry in Uganda called Children Care Ministries International

My name is Alice Renzaho, I am from Uganda Kampala. I am a pastor at a church called Grace Achiever Community Church. I am married with 4 children.  I was born in a Christian home both my parents were protestants and they loved God,  but when I was 10 years old they died, from thereon my life became very hard as I was to stay with other people who actually got tired of me because they could not afford to feed me and take care of me, they abandoned me abruptly from their homes but because my parents brought me up in the fear of God I had hope. Sometimes I did not have a place to sleep or stay.  This made my life so difficul through prayer God helped me to grow and succeed. I help orphans because of my life experiences.


When I grew up and got a job, I could not buy a house or build one either. I shared my little salary with my family, and that helped buy food and pay some bills.  I worked diligently and got other organizations support like Compassion International.

In 2008, I took a step of faith and opened a non profit organization to start helping orphans, and now I have about 120 Children!  Unfortunately ,we receive more requests from from helpless children than we can help. It is very discouraging having to turn a child away. We are praying for your help. We pray you will help us provide services for the poor and needy children here!   Thank you very much for your love and support!

Alice Renzaho
Children Care Ministries International
  E-mail: renzahoalice@yahoo.com
+256 782 132636
 +256 701759958

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