Be Thankful for Today!

I am letting my worries, problems and stress go today! I’m thankful and grateful for making it today!  In spite of all my hardships, grief, loneliness, or despair, I am thankful and grateful about God allowing me to see another day!

No, Being grateful doesn’t change my situation, but it allows me to be thankful for the opportunity of living this very moment!

I do not take for granted that I suppose to wake up and be living on earth. Even though I am facing great obstacles in my life, I try to take a moment to just be thankful about being alive right now!

This is a poem I wrote about being thankful and grateful. This poem will not take your problems away, but it will help provide a remedy for your problems--- be grateful!

Just for Today

Everything happens in life for a reason,
Just Like winter, hardships only last for a season…
When it feel like it’s too difficult to get through the day,
This poem will help get you on your way.
Being grateful and thankful is the remedy to stress,
Instead of complaining just remember
 you are truly blessed!
If you be grateful and thankful you will find,
That out of all our problems
God can give us a peace of mind!

 God Bless you!

Bro Tim Gillam

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