The Greatest Evil on Earth

What is the greatest evil on earth? Did you know one of the greatest evils in the world is drug addiction?

Yes, believe it or not addiction to drugs has destroyed many lives. My addiction to crack nearly took my life. My addiction caused me to spend many lonely years in prison. Addiction to drugs took my sister’s life and I am sharing her story with you to let you know that addiction is bondage of Satan.

This memorial is dedicated to Tonya Rose Gillam. Tonya was born in Detroit, MI. on July 5th 1967. She  died on June 15th, 2008. Tanya was 41 years of age at the time of her death. She died on the streets of Detroit addicted to crack cocaine.

Crack took her life. Satan robbed her of her life. Satan tricked her in believing a lie. Satan tricked her into believing that drugs was the best thing on earth and that she should do anything to get it.  Her mother, Ms. Irene Gillam, loved Rose dearly. It broke her heart when she discovered her only daughter was dead. I believe the worse part about my sister's death was how they found her.

Police records say she was found in an alley behind a garage. At the time of her death, I was in prison. My mother wrote and told me what happened and sent her obituary to me. I knew my mother was deeply hurt about Rose's death. I could see how brokenhearted she was in her letter. Not only was she grieving this tragedy, but she was also in despair about me being in prison. I am truly sorry my mother had to bear such grief.

Rose died a horrible way. I pray to God that He forgives her of her sins. She wasn’t able to ask for forgiveness before she died. I ask God to look at her baptism into His Church. I ask God to remember all that my mother did to raise her. I ask the Lord on her birthday July 5th to  forgive Rose of her sins!
In Jesus' name amen

Rest in Peace

We show our sympathy of a passing of a sister or brother,
but there's no greater pain than losing a loving mother.

We show our grief when our loved-one die,
it hurts inside, but you try not to cry.

We mourn we our loved one has become deceased,
but with faith in God we know their burdens was released!

In Loving Memory of Rose!

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