When man loves a women he will do anything!

When a man loves a woman he will literally do anything for her. He will go the extra mile and do all he can to make her happy!  If you will do anything for your wife then this poem is for you to share with her!

I Will Do Anything For You

I often think about
all the things
 I would do,
To show how much
I really love you…

I would travel to the farthest galaxy
 many light years away,
Just to buy you a gift
to brighten your day…

I would go diving for pearls
in the deep blue sea,
Just to show you how much
you mean to me…

I would walk through the hottest desert
 known to man,
to find you a treasure
hidden in the sand…

There’s nothing I can think of
that I wouldn’t do,
To show all the love
I have for you!

By: Bro Tim Gillam

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