The road to success

This poem is called The Road to Success. This is an inspirational poem that I wrote while in prison. I hope and pray you enjoy it.                                 

                               The Road to Success

O lord, I’m lost and don’t know which way to go,
My frustration is so great that only You would know…
I’ve been traveling on this road seven days a week,
I’m so stressed until I haven’t been able to sleep.
My burdens are more than I’m able to bear,
I try reaching out to others, but no one else seems to care…

“Blessed is the man who turns to me for advice, indeed, I charge nothing except thou shall honor me with thy life,
I have heard thy prayers and thou shall surely see peace,
 I shall bless thee abundantly as sure as the sun rises in the east.
Refrain from evil and my grace shall guide thee through,
 if thou will trust and believe,
 then there’s no limit to the things I shall do.
Man seeks success to honor his own glory,
but take heed to what I did in King Solomon’s story.
One night, not too late, I asked Solomon what he wanted in a dream, I wanted him to have great success with Me working as a team…
He said, “Listen, out of all the things in this world, I just want to govern Your people right, so please give me, I pray thee, what’s best in the Lord’s sight…”
I, the Lord, found honor in his request, and because he did not seek his own glory, his life was truly blessed.
The instructions I gave him were plain easy, and simple,
he glorified Me when he built the world’s greatest temple.
He endured great sorrows, but he taught men to glorify My Name, and I blessed him abundantly with wisdom, fortune and fame.
Wherefore, thou shall seek me and be truly blessed, because I am the only way to Life, Happiness, and Success!”

II Chronicles 1:7-12, Deuteronomy 28, Joshua 1:7-8

By: Tim Gillam


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