Loss of loved one

This is a real life story of a tragic death of a loved one in which is too painful to even write or talk about.

I would like to share a short tragic story that occurred in my life. My friend Leea who I thought was my girlfirend died while in my next door neighbor's house. I never knew she was there becuase she told me she was at her family's house. So I was naive and believed her story until the day came when the police were called saying  there is a lady dead in the apartment next door.

Leea and I were together 6 years. We had our struggles but I never thought the day would come where she would lie and deceived me in this way. 
Her death was and still is the worst thing ever happened to me. She was a great inspiration in my life and her death is a bitter pill to swallow knowing she died in this fashion. 

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